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List of Available Newsgroups:

 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.encryption
Public keys, encrypted messages etc. 29
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.general
General discussion, questions or requests. 42
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.helpdesk
Tech questions and maybe even answers. 1
 rocksolid rocksolid.nodes
Discuss specific Rocksolid nodes. 21
Questions and Help for node administration. 433
 rocksolid rocksolid.nodes.announce
Rocksolid node announcements. 17
General non tech chat. 5
 random alt.test
For testing news software, servers, etc. 23
 random us.arts.poetry
US poetry; poets; original poems. 31
 random talk.politics.crypto
The relation between cryptography and government. 2
Evolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!). (Moderated) 3508
 random sk.comp.pascal
Pascal List - problemy a rady 0
 random sci.crypt.random-numbers
Generating cryptographic strength randomness. 12
 random sci.crypt
Different methods of data en/decryption. 335
 random robin.logs
Logfiles, File-Announcements. 0
 random rec.puzzles
Puzzles, problems, and quizzes. 146
 random rec.arts.poems
For the posting of poems. 1792
 sysop news.admin.peering
Article flow, server peering requests, & offers. 842
Discussion of abuse of the Usenet system. 1684
Evolution vs. creation (sometimes hot!) 0
 random net.general
And stuff. See. 0
 random net.announce
Official announcements about Usenet II. 0
 random mail.cypherpunks
No description. 1
 random lucky.test
 random jerusalem.religion
Religious topics, holy and sacred sites, etc. 0
 random hispagatos.comunicados
 random hispagatos.ayuda
Smalltalk and miscellaneous discussions. 1409
 random comp.terminals
All sorts of terminals. 11
 random comp.lang.pascal.misc
Pascal in general and ungrouped Pascals. 1
 random comp.lang.pascal.ansi-iso
Pascal according to ANSI and ISO standards. 0
 random comp.lang.go
 random comp.infosystems.gopher
Discussion of the Gopher information service. 64
 random comp.infosystems.gemini
Internet Hypertext System, Privacy, Accessibility. 223
 random bofh.folklore
 random alt.text
 random alt.spooky
Boo! 1
 random alt.sources.crypto
Source code related to cryptology 18
 random alt.smurfs
No description. 0
 random alt.shills
shills of all kinds 0
 random alt.september
No description. 5
 random alt.religion.cypherology
For the discussion of Rob Cypher's religion. 1
 random alt.random.noise
Bitstream Underground's Random Noise. 24
 random alt.privacy.anon-server
Issues surrounding programs that aid anonymity. 515
 random alt.privacy
Privacy issues in cyberspace. 115
 random alt.poetry
 random alt.permaculture
No description. 0
 random alt.paranoia
No description. 0
 random alt.nobody
nobody was here 0
 random alt.misc
Use misc.misc instead. 2
 random alt.math.cypher
The mathematical powers of Rob Cypher! 0
 random alt.lite.bulb
Lite bulb discussions 3
 random alt.jokes.limericks
There once was a group in alt. 1
 random alt.html
Use comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html instead. 41
Hello world! 0
 random alt.hello
Hello world! 0
 random alt.hacking
Redundant with many other groups. 0
 random alt.grok
No description. 0
 random alt.grep
No description. 0
 random alt.gicho
General Discussion 0
 random alt.general
 random alt.genealogy
Use soc.genealogy.* instead. 2
Talk about free (open) news servers 841
No description. 0
 random alt.folklore.urban
Urban legends, ala Jan Harold Brunvand. 44
The folklore of science, not the science of folklore. 0
Current urban legends and other folklore. 0
 random alt.folklore.computers
Stories & anecdotes about computers (some true!). 732
Use or comp.society.folklore. 2
 random alt.firefighters
No description. 10
 random alt.cypherpunks
Technological defenses for privacy 24
 random alt.cypher
It's about time. 0
 random alt.conlang
For constructed languages and the people who create them 0
 random alt.chaos
Chaos, concepts, physics, theory, and mathematics. 0
 random alt.centipede
No description. 0
 random alt.candle
No description. 0
 random alt.bonsai
Little trees and battle screams. 1
 random alt.bogus
No description. 0
 random alt.blueyonder
No description. 0
 random alt.bitcoins
Discussion of bitcoin and other alt coins 8
General discussion about the Holy Bible. 324
 random alt.bbs.waffle
Use comp.bbs.waffle instead. 0
 random alt.bbs.synchronet
 random alt.bbs.lists
Postings of regional BBS listings. 4
 random alt.bbs.general
No description. 17
Ads for various computer BBS's. 136
 random alt.bbs
Computer BBS systems & software. 47
 random alt.astrology
Twinkle, twinkle, little planet. 13
 random alt.ascii
No description. 0
 random alt.argus
No description. 0
 random alt.anything
Use misc.misc instead. 3
 random alt.anygroup
No description. 0
 random alt.anybody
You talking to me? 0
 random alt.anonymous.messages
An anonymous message pool newgroup, whatever that is. 228
 random alt.anonymous
alt! Who goes there? 14
 random alt.amber
No description. 0
 random alt.alchemy
No description. 0
 random alt.2600.hackers
 random alt.2600
 random ait.log.dump
 random 0.test
 sysop alt.sysadmin.bofh
No description. 0
 sysop alt.sysadmin.recovery
Getting over the trauma of system administration. (Moderated) 39
 sysop news.admin.hierarchies
Network news hierarchies. 67
 sysop news.admin.technical
Technical aspects of maintaining network news. (Moderated) 2
 sysop news.answers
Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated) 373
 sysop news.groups
Discussions and lists of newsgroups. 323
 sysop news.groups.proposals
Development of Big 8 proposals. (Moderated) 186
 sysop news.groups.questions
Where can I find talk about topic X? 4
 sysop news.lists.filters
Notices for automated news filtering systems. 2830
 sysop news.lists.misc
News-related statistics and lists. (Moderated) 19
 sysop news.misc
Discussions of USENET itself. 81
The Network News Transfer Protocol. 1090
 grc grc.techtalk.cryptography
 grc grc.techtalk.retro

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